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Intergraph Smart Materials Classic Help (2016 R4)

Intergraph Smart Materials
2016 R4 (8.4)

Click the Awarding button on the Quote Summaries tab of the P.30.22 Commercial Evaluation screen to open the P.30.25 Awarding screen.

This screen is a core workflow screen. For more information, see Core Workflow Screens.

On this screen, you can perform the awarding, that is, assign positions to a bidder. Only users with the ALLOW AWARDING privilege can perform the awarding.

The quote details are displayed with their line item costs. All costs are shown in the currency of the inquiry. The quote details with the lowest costs are highlighted with a green background color so that they can be easily found.

If the project default ZP_VIRTBID is set to Y and at least one bidder has submitted a bid, a virtual bidder is displayed as the last bidder representing the best bid. Color visualizations are not applied to this virtual bidder and positions cannot be assigned to this virtual bidder.

If currencies have been assigned on the quote detail level or to other costs that differ from the currency of the quote and for which no exchange rate has been defined, this message appears: "MAR-30058: Please define exchange rates for the selected inquiry.". Afterwards, you will be asked whether you want to maintain the exchange rates immediately. Select Yes to open the Exchange Rates tab of the P.30.21 Prepare RFQ screen where you can enter the missing exchange rates. Then close the screen to return to P.30.25.

To assign a single position to a bidder, you must double-click in any of the matrix fields 1 to 7. To cancel a selection, you can assign this position to another bidder; this action automatically withdraws the position from the currently assigned bidder. Or, you can use the pop-up menu provided for these fields and select Reset selection.

If you want to assign all positions to a single bidder, you can double-click on any of the matrix header fields. To deselect all positions for a bidder, you can select Reset selection from the pop-up menu of these fields.

Positions can only be assigned to a bidder if they fulfill the prerequisites listed below:

  • The bidder has returned a bid.

  • The quote has not been rejected.

  • The approval process of the quote has not been started.

  • The quote is not approved.

  • The commercial evaluation has been performed (CE Missing not enabled).

  • The technical evaluation has been passed if it is required (TE Missing not enabled).

  • The position has not been assigned to another bidder whose bid is already approved or for whose bid the approval process has been started.

If any of these prerequisites is not fulfilled, the message below appears when you try to assign the position.

To assign alternates to a bidder, you must double-click in the Alt check box and select the alternate in the window that appears.

Instead of picking the items position by position, you can click the Best Bid button at the bottom of the screen to automatically select the items with the lowest costs. The following message appears:

Click Yes to continue.

If any alternates exist for a bidder, these alternates are not included by the assignment. Only alternates 0 are considered.

When calculating the costs or applying best splits (cherry picking), alternates and detail tags (if existing) are considered.

The main part of the spread table is composed as a matrix. This matrix consists of a header, a body, and a footer.