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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Installation and Setup

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
Installation & Upgrade
2020 (15.0)

Key Features

  • Translate 3D model data from Hexagon PPM and third-party sources such as PDMS, Tekla, AutoCAD, or MicroStation files for display in Hexagon PPM products. For web viewing, Smart Interop Publisher can translate 3D and 2D files for display in Hexagon PPM web-based portal applications. The translation creates a consistent object label display between target applications.

  • Translate Hexagon PPM 2D drawings to Smart Drawings containing data and 2D graphics.

  • Supports the As-Built or Digital Twin model that represents a physical model as it has been built. Objects in an as-built model, called Smart Interop Objects, contain property values that associate model objects to physical objects. These Smart Interop Objects display in the system hierarchy as persisted Smart 3D design objects. The enriched output data from Smart Interop Publisher allows Smart 3D to create Smart Interop Objects for As-Built capabilities.

  • Local and remote SQL server access offers a multi-user environment. Multiple users can work on the same projects at the same time.

  • You can run translations immediately or schedule translations to run at later, timed intervals.

  • Use projects to organize your work and register into SmartPlant Foundation.

  • Attach as a reference model and then position, rotate, and scale it to the active plant so that you can:

    • View the reference model data graphically and model against it.

    • Use multiple reference files from different sources.

  • Translate a variety of common formats so that the resulting property labels are common in all Hexagon PPM applications.

  • Scale and position models relative to the active plant so that you can attach the reference model as required in Smart 3D. In an environment using Smart 3D and Smart Review, you can change the position in one application and see the results in the other applications.

  • Extend the delivered Smart 3D mapping to support custom classes, interfaces, and properties.

  • Use a disconnected workshare. Because the software translates the data to files at the source site and attaches them as a reference at the target site, live connection between the databases is not required. Periodic publish and update of the Smart Models allows multiple partners to work on a joint venture product.

  • Maintain better security in joint venture projects. Network connectivity is not required. You can transfer the translated files using any appropriate method.

  • Design projects in parallel. If a project has many similar units, only one unit has to be modeled and translated. This translated unit can then be attached multiple times with the required positioning.

  • Configure a hands-free project that monitors a folder and then automatically performs add, translation, schedule, and publish operations.