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  1. Select one or more elements.

  2. On the Change toolbar, click Scale .

  3. If you want to copy the scaled elements, click Copy on the ribbon.

  4. Click where you want the scale origin to be. The software displays a crosshair at the scale origin, and dynamically displays a line between the scale origin and the pointer.

  5. Move the pointer until the elements are the size you want and then click.

  • Relationships within the selection set are maintained if the relationships are still applicable after the elements have been scaled.

  • You can click Scale before you select elements to scale.

  • Instead of clicking to define the new scale, you can use the Scale Factor box on the ribbon.

  • Instead of using Copy on the ribbon to scale and copy, you can hold CTRL while you click to define the new scale.

  • You can use relationship indicators with this command.

  • You can use the Step box on the ribbon to make the Scale Factor increase or decrease incrementally as you move the mouse.

  • You can use the Reference box on the ribbon to change how the command dynamics correspond to the Scale Factor.

  • To change the overall size of the graphics with respect to the paper size, use Sheet Setup on the File menu.

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