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Openings are closed-shape structural cuts that are significant to both strength and weight analyses. Openings are applied to plate systems in the Molded Forms task.

Like the Sketched Feature symbol, the Openings symbol is very basic. No graphic inputs are required in the symbol file. The (0,0) origin point of the 2D Symbols file is used as the default placement point for the symbol. The symbol geometry should be defined about the 2D Symbols file origin point and constrained using horizontal and vertical constraints in such a manner as to get predictable placement results. Openings symbol shapes MUST be a closed contour.

Within the software, openings are placed on plate systems using the Openings command in the Molded Forms task. Openings are placed using a Draft 2D view (sketching plane) of the plate system.

Openings can be manually sketched in the Draft 2D view, or opening symbols can be placed on the Draft 2D view from the catalog.