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The Flange Symbols toolbar contains commands that you can use to create flange symbols. You can activate the Flange Symbols toolbar by using the Tools > Add-Ins command.

Add Point Properties - Defines mapping points between cross section properties. For more information, see Add Point Properties Command.

Symbol Properties - Sets the properties on the symbol. For more information, see Symbol Properties Command.

Symbol Representation - Assigns graphic groups to the representation type of item that the group represents. For more information, see Symbol Representation Command.

Delete Symbol Properties - Deletes all symbol parameters and graphic representations in one action. For more information, see Delete Symbol Properties Command.

Output Test - Tests changes to the graphics and parameters of the symbol. For more information, see Output Test Command.

Integrity Check - Verifies that a symbol has all the information necessary to be valid in 3D. For more information, see Integrity Check Command.

Add to Catalog - Adds the part class of the symbol to the appropriate Microsoft Excel workbook for bulkload. For more information, see Add to Catalog Command.