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  1. Click File > Sheet Setup.

  2. On the Size and Scale tab of the Sheet Setup dialog box, select the sheet size that you want. After you close the dialog box, the correct sheet size is displayed.

  3. Draw the elements that you want using real-world units. Do not worry if the elements do not fit on the sheet.

  4. Click File > Sheet Setup to check the ratio of the sheet size to the overall drawing size.

  5. On the Sheet Setup dialog box, on the Size and Scale tab, click Custom. You should use the ratio of the drawing to the drawing sheet to determine the custom scale for the drawing sheet. After you close the dialog box, the drawing scales to the scale that you selected. All dimensions appear in real-world units.

SmartSketch Notes:

If you select Scale on the Change toolbar to scale the drawing, the dimensions are scaled to compensate for the change in size. Scale changes the size of one set of geometry to another set of geometry in the document. To change the overall size of the graphics with respect to the paper size, use the File > Sheet Setup command.

If you insert an .igr or .sym document into the drawing sheet, the terminators, spaces, text, and styles appear in paper units relative to the source document. The dimension lines and extension lines scale as though they are in real-world units. This behavior can cause the dimensions and text to appear very large or small in the container document.

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