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  1. On the Draw toolbar, click Line/Arc Continuous or , depending on the application you are using.

  2. Click the point where you want the line to begin.

  3. Click the point where you want the line to end. This action defines the length and rotation angle of the line.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click to end the line.

    • To draw a series of connected lines, click at the point where you want each line segment to end, and then right- click.

      If you close the shape, the command restarts so you begin drawing again.

  • Instead of clicking to draw the end points, you can type values on the ribbon bar. You can also use a combination of graphic and ribbon input.

  • Instead of clicking several different points to draw a line, you can drag the pointer to draw a line.

  • You can press ESC to end a line or a line segment.

  • If Maintain Relationships is set, the software places relationship handles.

  • When you use Point On in the SmartSketch dialog box, you can draw a line tangent to two curved elements. First, click the curved element, then move the pointer through the tangent intent zone on the first element. Use the SmartSketch dialog box options to establish a tangent relationship to the other element. If you do not use the tangent intent zone, the line connects to the elements, but is not tangent to them.

  • You can use relationships to make an end point of a line tangent or perpendicular to the key point or end point of another element.

  • You can use the options on the ribbon and the commands on the shortcut menu to edit a line.

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