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Reference Data
  1. Verify that the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp\Symbols folder exists.

  2. Double-click the Debug_Symbol_All_On.reg registry key.

  3. Re-compute or place the symbol. The software places before and after symbol outputs in the Symbols folder.

    The BeforeEvaluate symbol shows the geometry from the model and the symbol prior to adjustment. The AfterEvaluate symbol shows the geometry after adjustment and all dimensions are applied.

    Review these symbols to check for the following:

    • Dimensions should be set to the catalog value, the value in the symbol if no catalog value has been defined, or the value set by the parameter rule.

    • Input geometry should appear in the same shape as the objects in the model. If the geometry is different, check the symbol names, verify that the input geometry is not over constrained, and verify that the input geometry is locked.

      The software also creates a TraceFile.txt file in the C:\Temp folder. This file shows the processing steps. Review this file to make sure that the dimensions were properly set.