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When you override the value of a driven dimension by editing the dimensional value, the resulting dimension is not-to-scale. For example, if you override the dimensional value of 15 millimeters to 30 millimeters, the actual size of the visible line remains 15 millimeters. Only the dimension text is changed; the line remains unchanged.

To change the value of a dimension without changing the actual element:

  1. Select a driven dimension.

    A color that you set with Style on the Format menu indicates a driven dimension. You can also set the color by selecting a dimension and clicking Properties on the Edit menu.

  2. On the ribbon, delete the dimensional value from the Value box and type a new value.

  • To restore the dimension value to the original value of the element select a dimension, right mouse click, and then select Not to Scale on the shortcut menu.

  • You can show dimensions that are not-to-scale by using Styles on the Format menu. This option places a zigzag or straight line under the dimensional values that are not-to-scale.

  • To return the dimensional value to the value of the element it actually measures, delete all the characters from the Value box on the ribbon. You can also select a dimension and clear Not to Scale on the shortcut menu.

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