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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Help (Version 2)

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager

Each data entity you select from the (Application or Plant) list displays its related properties as columns in a grid format. The grid offers sorting and filtering capabilities to organize the data better. The Source and Target pane both provide ascending and descending sorting capabilities in the grid. Sorting an individual column organizes all other columns' data accordingly. In addition, both Source and Target grid panes have filter and search capabilities.

A filter on each column header allows you to view records based on one of the filters you selected from a list.

  1. From one of the column headers click .

  2. From the dialog box that opens click the arrow , type a value in the blank field, and click FILTER..

    The grid displays the filtered data and the filter icon on the filtered column changes color to .

  3. To cancel the filter, click on , and select CLEAR.