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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Help (Version 2)

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager

Smart Engineering Manager provides reports for the Comparison and the Sync processes in a separate web page. The report page is divided to a REPORT SUMMARY and a REPORT DETAILS section.

A report is available for selection only if you first ran the process related to the report.

The report header shows the source and target sites and plants, and application. If the source is a package rather than a plant, this is indicated. In the example screen shot below the source is a package.

Summary Reports

The REPORT SUMMARY of the Comparison Results displays numerical data for the following categories:

  • A list of Plant and Application level data entities.

  • New Items

  • Changed Items

  • Errors

  • Total

The REPORT SUMMARY of the Comparison Errors displays the number of errors only, for each plant and application entity.

Clicking on an entity marked with a blue link in the summary report jumps to the detailed section of the entity.

Detailed Reports

All the report types include the REPORT DETAILS table displaying the following categories for each entity's Action Type.

  • Name

  • Parent Entity

  • Field

  • Source Value

  • Target Value

  • Comment