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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Help (Version 2)

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The Notifications icon allows you to review all previous notifications in the current session. Notifications are available under the following categories:

  • Error

  • Information

  • Success

  • Warning

Toggling the icon allows you to hide or display the notification panel.

The current number of active notifications is indicated by a number beside the icon, for example: . This number is refreshed when additional notifications are received, when a notification is removed, when the notification panel is redisplayed after being hidden, or when you select a filter for the notification type to display.

If there are no notifications under a particular category, the text 'No Notifications' appears.

Clicking a notification's close icon removes it from the list. Clicking the icon beside the notification type filter removes all the notifications from the list, except for those of type Error. Error notifications are handled by clicking the DETAILS button. After reviewing the details of an Error type notification, do one of the following:

  • Click OK to dismiss the error and remove it from the list of notifications.

  • Click Cancel to dismiss the error and leave it in the list during the current session.