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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Help (Version 2)

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
  1. With your plant selected, on the APPLICATIONS tab, select an associated application, click the , and then click Open in Reference Data Sync.

  2. In the Choose Source window that opens, select Plant or Package as the source type and then select the site and plant / package to use as the source. For details, see Select a source for comparison.

    The source plant or package must be associated with the same application chosen for the target.

    After selecting the source and target, the Reference Data Sync page displays the selected application at the top, and the sites and plants appear on the Source and Target panes.

  • For the compare and sync tasks to work, make sure your source and target originate from the same Web API source.

  • The Choose Target list includes Smart Instrumentation sites. Since Smart Instrumentation is currently not supported in Reference Data Sync Manager, those sites are disabled for selection and appear in gray.