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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Help (Version 2)

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager

Reference Data Sync's main page is split into Source and Target panes. There are two options for accessing source and target plants, using the Reference Data Sync module:

  • From the sidebar at the left, clicking Reference Data Sync opens a split pane page. Here the source and target page provide the flexibility of selecting a site and a plant that contain the same associated applications. Once the same application is associated in the source and target plant, subsequently you can select to view content and perform compare and sync tasks.

  • From the selected associated application, on clicking the icon, the Reference Data Sync split pane page opens with the TARGET pane already set. Subsequently, the SOURCE pane needs to be populated with a plant or package associated with the same application chosen for the target. The source plant can be selected from the same site or from a different site.

    Once you select your source and target, the compare task can be performed.