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Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
12 (2018)

Description: SP8580, S-M CA-50-330 Cantilever Arm
Assembly Name: OglaendAssemblies,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Rules.Cantilever
Workbook: HS_Oglaend_Assy.xls
Workbook Sheet: HS_OGAssy_<Cab / Com / Con / D / P>_SP8580
User Class Name: SP8580
Part Number: SP8580_<Assembly Type>
Applicable to Assembly Types: Pipe (P), Ducts (D), Cable Trays (Cab), Conduits (Con), and Combined (Com)
Occurrence Attribute:

AttributeUserName: Offset
Type: Double
Codelist: None