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12 (2018)

Description: Penetration Plate on Pipe with hole aspect
Symbol Name: PipeHgrAssemblies2,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Rules.HolePentrtPlate
Workbook Sheet: HS_PntrPlateHoleAsp
User Class Name: Penetration Plate Support with Hole Aspect
Part Number: HS_G4G_1401_04_H3_Hole
Workbook Name: HS_PenPlateHole.xls
Code list Workbook Name: HS_PenPlateHole_Codelist.xls
Pre-requisite Workbook Names: HS_S3DParts.xls, HS_S3DParts_Codelist.xls, HS_Assembly_V2.xls, HS_Assembly_Codelist.xls

The support has the following three occurrence properties that are related to the hole aspect:

  • Hole Aspect Direction (Category: Standard) - Changes the direction of the hole aspect relative to the global coordinate system. This property contains both positive and negative values.

  • Hole Aspect Thickness (Category: Dimensions) - Changes the thickness of the hole aspect. This property ensures that the hole aspect intersects with the supporting structure to support the hole trace creation in Hole Management.

  • Hole Aspect Gap (Category: Dimensions) - Changes the gap between the hole aspect and the pipe or the pipe collection. This value also defines the hole trace size in Hole Management.

The default behavior of a support is to connect to the last geometry port of a structure. When you perform a cut operation on a structure, such as placing an opening or a hole, the software connects the support to the port at the cut as shown in the following graphic:

To enable a support to connect to the structure port before cut, implement SupportingPortType property in Custom Support Definition (CSD) or override SupportivePortType property in Assembly Information Rule (AIR) corresponding to the Smart 3D version. For more information on Hole Management, see the Hole Management User's Guide.

By default all the supports connect to the last port of a structure. The corresponding AIR or CSD must implement the SupportingPortType property.

For support assemblies that contain hole aspect support components, add a condition as specified in the AIR/CSD.

Visual Basic 6.0 Implementation

Ensure that the Visual Basic 6.0 or C++ support AIR implements IJHgrSupportingPortSelection interface. The IJHgrSupportingPortSelection interface has a property that returns HngSupSupportingPortSecection and is of type enum. The HngSupSupportingPortSecection takes the following two values:

  • LastPort = 0

  • PortBeforeCut = 1

If a support implements the AIR IJHgrSupportingPortSelection interface to connect to a structure port before cut, ensure that the interface returns PortBeforeCut value.

Private Property Get IJHgrSupportingPortSelection_SupportingPortType() As HNGSUPSupportServices.HngSupSupportingPortSelection
    IJHgrSupportingPortSelection_SupportingPortType = PortBeforeCut
End Property

.NET Implementation

The .NET CSD must override SupportivePortType property. SupportivePortType returns portBeforeCut value.

public override SupportingPortSelectionType SupportingPortType

       get { return SupportingPortSelectionType.PortBeforeCut; }