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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

The Compare with Design Basis command allows you to resolve discrepancies between an object in the 3D model and the design basis.

  1. Click SmartPlant > Retrieve to retrieve data into the software.

  2. Click SmartPlant > View P&ID to open the P&ID that contains the data that you retrieved.

  3. Select an object on the P&ID or in the model.

  4. Click SmartPlant > Compare Design Basis.

  5. Review the Properties tab for highlighted objects that have a discrepancy between the P&ID and the three-dimensional model. Objects that do not match appear in a different background color (red).

  6. Review the Topology tab to check for differences in shapes between the P&ID and the 3D model. This tab is available only for objects that support correlation.

    When you select a pipe run or a duct run, the Topology tab indicates objects that are correlated and in the same order on the pipe run or duct run, as well as objects that are correlated and not in the same order on the pipe run or duct run.

  7. Click Close if you do not want to update the properties from design basis.


    After you correct the errors that cause the discrepancy, click Update on the Compare with Design Basis dialog box to transfer data from the design basis object to the 3D model object and update properties that are out-of-date. The Design Basis Value and the Model Value columns change to show the new values.

    • Clicking Update changes the property values. You can selectively update properties by selecting associated check boxes. For more information, see Properties Tab (Compare with Design Basis Dialog Box).

    • For certain exceptions, the software does not process an update. For example, an object that is not mapped with properties is not updated.

When you have finished your review, click Close.