Route a pipe run to a specific coordinate location - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Piping

Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)
  1. Click Tools > PinPoint.

  2. Select the coordinate system that contains the location to which you want to route.

  3. Select the Rectangular Coordinates option on the PinPoint ribbon.

  4. Click Route Pipe on the vertical toolbar.

  5. Select the run starting point.

  6. Define the pipe run properties on the New Pipe Run dialog box, and then click OK.

  7. Select the Set Target to Origin option on the PinPoint ribbon to move the PinPoint target to the specified coordinate system's origin.

  8. In the PinPoint ribbon, type the easting, northing, or elevation coordinates to which you want to route.

  9. Click in the view to route the pipe run to the specified point.

If the piping specification that you selected has service limits defined, you must define at least one temperature value and one pressure value for the pipe run. Do this by selecting Temperature and Pressure from the Category option.