Grouping pipe parts by query and control points - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)
  1. On the WBS tab of the Workspace Explorer, verify that you have a parent WBS item or WBS project to which you want to assign the generated WBS items. If you do not have a parent WBS project, see Create a new WBS project.

  2. Place the control points using the Insert > Control Point command. Be sure to select the correct control point subtype when placing the control points and that you place the control points on piping connection objects. For more information, see Add control points.

  3. On the vertical toolbar, click Group Pipe Parts .

  4. Select the Options tab.

  5. Set WBS Automated Creation Rule Name to the WBS rule that you want to use. These rules are defined in the Catalog task under Piping > Piping Specification > Plant Rules > WBS Creation Rule.

  6. Select the naming rule.

  7. Set WBS Item's Parent to the WBS project or WBS item that you created or identified in step 1.

  8. Set Discrimination Filter to the filter you want to use.

  9. Set Query Label to the label that defines the query parameters and the naming rule to use in creating the WBS items if not already defined in the rule.

  10. Review the remaining options and set as needed.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Select the Log tab.

  13. Review the log. Click Save Log to save the log to a text file if needed.

After processing, you can view the WBS items on the WBS tab in the Workspace Explorer.