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2019 (10.0)

Sets options for adding a tap to a valve or other component.

The placement point of a tap is the projection on the part surface, which is controlled by Orientation, Distance, and Rotation.

 Select Part

Select the component in which you want to place the tap. You can select any piping component; elbow, pipe bend, tee, cap, valve, pipe, and so forth; except a mating part.


Displays a list of available tap sizes that you can place in the selected component. The software generates this list based on the pipe specification of the component into which you are inserting the tap. See Pipe Specifications in Piping Reference Data Guide for more information on defining pipe specifications.


Places the tap in the component.


Specifies the distance along the component between the tap and the specified reference position on the component.

If Orientation is set to perpendicular () (Radial), the Distance is the length along the port vector measured from the port position into the part, and Rotation is the angle from the y-axis of the selected port.

If Orientation is set to parallel () (Axial), the Distance is the radius measured from the port position, and Rotation is the angle from the y-axis of the selected port.

/ Orientation

Specifies whether the tap direction is perpendicular (Radial) () or parallel (Axial) () to the vector of the part port selected as the reference position. This option is available only when you select an end feature (cap, blind flange, and so forth) or a turn feature (such as an elbow or pipe bend) as the component. For straight pipes and tubes, and the straight sections of a pipe bend, the orientation is always set to perpendicular. For pipe bends, the tap is always placed perpendicular to the flow direction throughout the turn.

A - Perpendicular (Radial)

B - Parallel (Axial)

Reference position

Specifies the port on the component from which to measure the distance to the tap.


Select to rotate the tap about the component interactively.


Specifies the angle at which to rotate the tap about the component.


Specifies the tap depth. Type a depth value, or select one of the following values:

  • <Calculated Offset> - The minimum offset, based on the tap outer diameter and the surface geometry of the tapped feature.

  • 1D

  • 1.5D

  • 2D

The available values are multipliers of the tap outer diameter, D.

For example, the following tap depths are shown when you select 1D and 2D: