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Intergraph Smart 3D Piping

Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)

  • You must have write access permissions on the header run. If you do not, the branch and header runs get disconnected when you move the branch.

  • You must select a straight feature or an along leg feature to move the branch along the header without disconnection. If you select a turn, an end component such as the Y-component, or an end feature, the software disconnects the branch run from the header run.

  • If you select Pipe Runs in the Locate Filter, the software disconnects the branch run and the header run at the branching point. For more information on how the software disconnects at the boundary connections, refer Appendix: Moving at Boundary Connections.

Slide a Branch along the Header

  1. Click Select on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select Piping Features in the Locate Filter.

  3. Select a straight feature of the branch run.

  4. Click Move .

  5. Click the straight feature.

    As you move the mouse along the header, the computed graphics follow the mouse cursor.

  6. Identify the move to point, and click on the graphic view to confirm the new location.

    The software moves the branch along the header to the new location.