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Administration & Configuration

Sets options for placing attributes on a knuckle, tangent, or reference curve.


Select a single wire-body from a graphic view. The existing Name, Symmetry, and Type values appear in their respective boxes when you select the wire-body.

Apply Attributes

Adds the specified properties to the selected object.


Reverses the operation by replacing the results with the data before the operation was applied. You can modify a setting, re-apply, undo, and repeat until you are satisfied with the results.


Defines a prefix for the wire-body. The complete name is this text value appended by a "_" and the symmetry value: P for Port, S for Starboard, or C for Centered.


Specifies the symmetry to append to the reference curve name.

If the symmetry value is None, the software does not append any value to the name.

If the symmetry value is Port/Starboard, the selected wire-body is named Port, and a copy is created and mirrored about the centerline and assigned a Starboard symmetry value.


Specifies the type of reference curve: a general purpose reference curve, a tangent curve, or a knuckle curve.