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Intergraph Smart Construction API and Programming Reference (2019)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration

Function SearchLatestStatusRequest


ByVal projectID As String

ByVal statusRequestName As String

ByVal requestType As MaterialsRequestType

ByVal searchParameters As Dictionary(Of String, String)

ByVal returnDataContainer As IObjectDictionary


True if success, False if failure


This method returns latest subset of the latest status request for the given "projectID," "statusRequestName," "requestType," and "searchParameters." The "searchParameters" argument is a dictionary of string name value pairs that specify the name of the field to search by and the value to use in the search. In the current version of Smart Construction, the following list of search names are valid:

  • Drawing

  • Commodity Code

  • Tag

  • Ident Code

  • Warehouse

  • Location

  • BOM Path

    At the present time, the Smart Construction client only allows the user to search by one of these values at a time, but the API should support searching by a combination of any of the seven in order to support future user interface advancements.

Data Format

Same format as Function PerformStatusRequest.