Perform workflow-specific upgrade tasks - HxGN SDx - Upgrade

HxGN SDx Upgrade

Asset Information Management
2019 (10.0)

Two versions of each of the workflow templates are delivered when upgrading an SDx system.

  • A master workflow template (MSR) version which is supplied for reference only and cannot be used or edited.

  • A copy of the workflow template (HEX) version which can be used, updated, and edited.

To take advantage of any changes made in the delivered master workflow template (MSR), you must perform workflow-specific upgrade tasks on the copy of the workflow template (HEX) version to include any changes you have made to your existing workflow template.

This upgrade process protects any future upgrades of the master workflow templates (MSR) from unwanted side effects if customers edit the workflow template to meet their own workflow process needs.

Any changes made to the workflow templates previously delivered in IM2019 are not upgraded. Only the workflow template master (MSR) versions are delivered for the first update of the workflow templates. Your existing workflow templates are treated as the editable copy and must be upgraded manually.