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A member of the custom assembly has been deleted. (All Tasks)

Meaning: An equipment or structural object failed to recompute because one of the inputs to the object is missing. For example, a slab can be defined by selecting structural members or edges of other objects to define the boundaries of the slab. If one of these objects is deleted, then the slab no longer knows it boundaries.


  1. Open the Structure task.

  2. Click Select .

  3. Set the Locate Filter to Slabs.

  4. Select the slab in error.

  5. Redefine the slab bounding objects.

For the Structural Detailing task in marine mode:

Object Type in the To Do List: Smart Occurrence.

Meaning: Smart occurrences (such as assembly connections) have definition files that call other smart items that must be created as children (such as physical connections). If the software cannot create any of the children under the smart occurrence, the parent smart occurrence goes into the To Do List.


  1. Identify which smart occurrence child is missing.

  2. In some cases, the missing smart occurrence child is not required. In the following case, a feature is placed on the corner of a plate part, and the surface contact required to create a physical connection is not available. Select the parent smart occurrence in the To Do List, and click Update.

    1. A physical connection is not required where there is no contact between the two plates.

    2. Manual corner feature

  3. Check for any missing symbols or DLLs in the shared content.

  4. Recreate/recompute the feature using one of the methods described in No description - feature in TDL. (Structural Detailing).