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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Use commands in the Motion > Move menu for navigation and display set motion.

Continuous Step moves the eye point or selected display set through the model at a constant rate and in a constant direction, using the keypad to steer. Motion continues even if you provide no input. When Continuous Step is off, you move through the model only by command from the mouse, keypad, or joystick. Continuous motion mode allows you to use other commands while in motion.

You also can press 0 on the keypad to toggle continuous motion. The keypad 0 movement repeats the last keypad motion key up to the rate specified by the Maximum moves per second option on the Motion Settings > Rates tab.

Continuous motion reverses direction after you complete a single step, then select Continuous, and then toggle the step direction. However, Continuous motion does not reverse direction if the last keypad motion before you toggled the step direction was not a step.

Single Step repeats the last direction or rotation one step. You also can press the period (.) on the keypad to move a single step as specified by Move on the Rates tab of the Motion Settings dialog box.

Toggle Step Direction reverses the direction you are currently traveling. You can toggle the step direction from forward/clockwise to backward/counter-clockwise and back again. You also can press 5 on the keypad to toggle the step direction.

You can add these commands to a toolbar using the View > Customize command. These commands are available in the Animation category. For more information, see Customize Toolbars, Menus, and Shortcuts.