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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)
  1. Click Common Views in the Common View toolbar.

  2. From the Common Views control, click on one of the six faces of the 3D box to change your view to a 2D view, or select one of the eight corner circles to change your view to an isometric view.
    You can use the pull-down menu to select the available common views. See Common Views Commands.

  3. You can dock the Common Views control at the edge of the window, or you can leave it undocked or 'floating'.

  • The docking areas for this control are automatically restricted to help reduce the possibility of the docking area obscuring the client area of the application window. If you are unable to dock this control where you want it, try resizing the control to be smaller or resizing the application window to be larger.

  • The views available on this control are also available on the View > Toolbars > Common View Tools toolbar and from the View > Controls > Common Views menu.