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2018 R1 (7.1)

A Partial Recall View represents a saved view with user-defined overwrite settings. You can select or clear display overwrite settings for a view using the Set Up Partial View Recall option in the Save and Recall Views dialog box. For example, if there are annotations in a saved view, you can clear the All annotations setting, which causes the saved view to display without annotations.

This option is also available from the Animation > Playback/Capture Settings > Key Frame command. However, for snapshot key frames, the partial view settings that are defined work only for Main view key frames.

The steps below show how to set up a partial view from the Save and Recall Views dialog box. From the Snapshot Key Frames dialog box, click Set Up Partial and then start on step 4.

  1. Click View > Save and Recall.

  2. Select a Frame number in the Main views display list.

  3. Click Set Up Partial.

  4. Check all display settings to see. Clear any settings not required in the view.

  5. Click OK when you have finished.

  6. Click Recall Partial View on the Save and Recall Views dialog box.

  • You can double-click a view in the views list to recall a partial view.

  • If the Allow fly-to behaviors option is selected as a motion setting (see Motion menu > Settings > Display tab), you can double-click the mouse a second time, or as you are moving in fly mode, to immediately jump to the recalled view.

  • Press ESC to cancel the recall view move operation.

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