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2018 R1 (7.1)

File > Export > Saved Views

Exports saved views to another project database.

  1. Click File > Export > Saved Views.

  2. Type a database file name, or click Browse to locate the project database file to export the saved views. If Smart Review does not find the file name, it creates a new database with that name.

  3. Optionally, click Select view group and select a group name from the list to display the individual views in that group.

  4. Under the Name column, click each view group (if the Select view group option is not selected) or saved group (if the Select view group option is selected) to export.

  • You can use the Select All button to select all the saved view sets in the file for exporting.

  • The database receiving the saved views must be in Smart Review 5.0 or later project database table format.

  • At your request, the Import > Saved Views and Export > Saved Views commands overwrite existing records in the database. However, if you import or export less data than currently exists in the target database, Smart Review does not delete the additional target database records.

  • Smart Review allows you to rename an existing view group on the Save and Recall Views dialog box. Before you import or export saved views, you can use the Save and Recall Views dialog box to rename view groups. This will avoid collisions with existing view group names in the target database.

  • You can import or export a view group with the same name but a different view type, such as Main, Plan, or Elevation. We do not recommend this action unless you are replacing all views in the target database. The views you created as one type may not behave as expected when you transfer them to a different view type.

  • Smart Review does not verify the fitness of use for any type of data that you import or export between project databases. Smart Review assumes that all projects used during import or export activities contain equivalent model space and unit settings. Therefore, it is possible to import or export project data that is not relevant to the project that receives the data.

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