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2018 R1 (7.1)

You can move a point location in the Main view to modify the path. Moving animation points in the Main view only changes the physical location of the point and not its assigned time. To change the time associated to a point, use the Animation Sequencer. For more information, see Adjust Points in an Animation (Display Set and Key Frame).

  • Click Animation > Toolbar to open the Animation toolbar containing all commands needed for animation capture and edit.

  • You can also use the Reposition command to change a point in a display set animation path. For more information, see Reposition the Animation Path.

  • You can select an animation point, a line segment or the entire path in the Main view. Open the Properties dialog box (View > Controls > Properties, or right-click > Properties) to see information such as the associated display set name, time, and X/Y/Z location. Smart Review automatically updates the information as you click on other points in the path.

  1. Click Animation > Display Sets > Display Paths to make sure your animation path is visible.

  2. Make sure you have Capture enabled (Animation > Display Sets > Capture ).

  3. Click Animation > Player , and click Play to run the animation.

    Make sure you have display sets selected as animation type in the Common page in the Animation Playback/Capture Settings dialog box.

  4. Use the slider on the Animation Player to move the display set along the path close to the new location.
    Click Edit > Select Filter > Display Sets to un-select or turn off the display set filter. Click Edit > Select Filter > Elements and double-click on a place on the animation path to move the display set to that location on the path. Then click Edit > Select Filter > Display Sets to turn this filter back on and continue.

  5. Select the display set in the Main view and drag it to the new point location.

    The animation path automatically updates.

  6. Repeat steps 4-6 for each point to move.