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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

In Tablet Mode, you can use touch gestures, or your keyboard and mouse to control Smart Review. If you have a computer with a touchscreen that recognizes at least two touch points, you can use touch and gesture controls in place of your mouse and keyboard. Check the information that came with your computer, laptop, or touchscreen to find out about the number of touch points supported by your monitor.

Because Smart Review does not override any currently configured touch screen gestures, you may encounter the same touch gesture mapped to different types of operations. If this occurs, consult the touch screen information that came with your system to either disable or re-configure the mapping.

Touch Summary



Select an object

Tap the object. To select multiple objects, press and hold the CTRL key as you tap each object.

Glide or scroll

Use one finger to swipe across/up/down the touch screen to smoothly scroll the model view. The speed and direction of the swipe motion determines the direction and speed at which the view scrolls. To stop the auto scrolling at any time, tap the screen.

Go to the Home view

Double-tap with two fingers to bring back the home view of the model.
Tap Home .

Move halfway into your target point

Double-tap with one finger to move the view automatically halfway to the target point.

Press and hold the SHIFT key while tapping with one finger to move back out halfway from the target point.

Open a shortcut menu

Press one finger, and then lift it off the screen to display a shortcut menu.

Pan (Left/ Right/ Up/ Down)

Drag one finger from side to side, or up and down to pan the view.

Rotate - any direction

Drag two fingers to rotate the model view. You can move in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to rotate the model about the center of the main view.

Zoom in

Place your fingertips close together around the focus area, and then spread the fingertips apart.

Zoom out

Place your fingertips apart around the focus area, and then pinch or bring the fingertips close together.

Keyboard Summary



Move in

W or

Move left

A or

Move out

S or

Move right

D or

Move up


Move down


Move forward and left

W + A

Move forward and right

W + D

Move backward and left

S + A

Move backward and right

S + D

Look up


Look left


Look down


Look right


Return to the default, isometric home view of your model


Create your own custom home view


Reset a customized home view back to the original default home view


Mouse\Keyboard Combination Summary

You can use your mouse to look around and work in conjunction with your keyboard for motion in all directions.



Move in

Mouse Wheel Forward -or- W

Move in (factor of 2)

Middle Mouse Button/Wheel click

Move left


Move out

Mouse Wheel Backward -or- S

Move out (factor of 2)

SHIFT + Middle Mouse Button/Wheel Click

Move right


Move up


Move down


Move in and left

W + A -or- Mouse Wheel Forward + A

Move in and right

W + D -or- Mouse Wheel Forward + D

Move out and left

S + A -or- Mouse Wheel Backward + A

Move out and right

S + D -or- Mouse Wheel Backward + D

Move left/right/up/down

Middle Mouse Drag

Look up

I -or- Mouse Move Forward

Look left

J -or- Mouse Move Left

Look down

K -or- Mouse Move Backward

Look right

L -or- Mouse Move Right