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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Smart Review provides two types of motion capabilities: eye point (camera) navigation and moving selected display sets to different orientations and locations within the model. You can use a standard mouse, 3D mouse, keyboard, or joystick for navigation and display set movement.

  • When you select a display set, you can use your standard mouse or a 3D mouse to move the display set. You can also use classic motion controls such as the numeric key pad.

  • Smart Review includes both its classic navigation commands and 3D navigation features that use the gaming-style WASD keyboard and mouse combination motion controls.

  • The standard mouse allows you to move forward and back, pan left and right, pan up and down, and rotate in the model. You can perform any of these options in any of the views, with the exception of rotate. You can only use the mouse to rotate in the Main view.

  • The 3D mouse can work in tandem with a standard mouse to enhance your design review experience. Smart Review supports your configured 3D mouse navigation controls. As you navigate with the 3D mouse, use your standard mouse to select commands, options, and objects in the model. When using Motion > Display Set Motion Control, you can use the 3D mouse to move the selected display set.

  • You can perform many common Smart Review tasks quickly and easily with the function, control, shortcut, and keypad keys on your keyboard. You can use the function keys, the F-keys across the top of your keyboard, to execute functions, invoke dialog boxes, or modify functions. Function key equivalents and modifier keys, if any, display next to commands on menus, according to Microsoft Windows conventions. You also can use the function keys table to view F-keys and their corresponding functions.

    Smart Review also supports standard Microsoft control key and shortcut functions. You can access these options by pressing CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT + a letter. Some of these options execute functions, while others invoke forms, display dialog boxes, or modify window layouts of the three dimensional model. You can view the control keys or shortcuts and their corresponding functions on the standard control key table or the SmartPlant Review shortcut key table.

  • You can use the keypad keys to navigate around the model or to move a selected display set. A list of keypad keys and their corresponding functions is provided.

  • A joystick shares the same basic speed control settings as the mouse and keypad for eye point navigation. However, it is important to set the speed setting to the proper value for the model. The speed setting determines the base rate of movement (units per move) for dynamic motion, independent of update speed. Keypad and joystick discrete controls can vary the speed around this setting.

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