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2018 R1 (7.1)

Defines the brand of scheduling software that you are using and the name of the project file.

  • Prior to using ScheduleReview, at least one of the supported project planning programs must be installed on your computer. The supported project planning programs are listed in the Smart Review Installation Guide. See the user documentation for the planning program you are using for information on installing and using that software.

  • To use this functionality, you must install the Construction module.

ScheduleReview project

Displays the name of the currently active ScheduleReview project file.

Project file

Specifies the name and path of the planner file associated with the ScheduleReview project. Click Browse to navigate to the project file.


Navigates to a new project file according to the planning software you are using. Based on the Project type you select, an Open dialog box displays options for opening the project file.

Project type

Specifies the type of planner project to associate with the active ScheduleReview project.

Reset Fields

Resets the Project file field so that you can browse to another project file.

If you are setting up your own model to view with ScheduleReview, you must first create a new ScheduleReview project. For more information, see Create a New ScheduleReview Project.

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