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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

The Smart Review Point Cloud Integrator module offers vendor-neutral point cloud data integration with the modeling software environment. This module provides an interface to products that allows you to manage existing-condition data by enabling the display of point cloud data within Smart Review.

Key features:

  • Displays point cloud data when external software product is installed in conjunction with the Point Cloud Integrator module.

  • Supports normal Smart Review navigation features, including walk-through.

  • Provides surface measurement between the point cloud vector points and any graphic object.

  • Detects collisions between point cloud elements and a graphic element.


  • Integration of point cloud data within Smart Review helps lower the time, effort, and cost of process retrofit engineering and construction projects.

  • Extends the use of 3D CAD to more projects.

CloudWorx for SmartPlant Review does not require the Point Cloud Integrator module.