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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Files that are generated from the Smart 3D Update process are listed below. The Project file name is the name of the filter that you associated with the report. These files are automatically created into a user-defined location.

  • [Project file name].log

  • [Project file name].vue

  • [Project file name].mdb2

The .vue file gets the discipline and level information for the Smart 3D model from the MapClassIDToLevelDisciplines.txt file. If you want to use the information as it is delivered, then you do not need to edit this file.

The .mdb2 file gets the label or attribute information from the ReportSettings.txt file. You can use the label information as delivered, or before you use the spreadsheet, you can edit the ReportSettings.txt file if you want to add or remove custom labels, and define additional surface style rules and aspects.