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2018 R1 (7.1)

Turns on and off the display of Smart 3D aspects. Aspects are parameters that represent additional information needed for placement, such as safety or maintenance clearance.

Smart Review can display only those aspects that were selected in the Smart 3D workspace session at the time the .vue file was created. If the .vue file does not contain the actual model geometry for the selected aspect, it cannot be displayed.

Selected aspects

Provides a list of available aspects that you can turn on or off.

Supported Aspects

Simple Physical

Includes primitive shapes. The space could be a field junction box displayed in both the model and in drawings.

Detailed Physical

Provides a more detailed view of equipment in the model. For example, certain types of equipment include legs and lugs. You can select the Simple Physical aspect to create a less cluttered view of the object, showing only the body of the equipment. However, the Detailed Physical aspect shows all of the graphical details associated with the equipment.


Shows an area around a piece of equipment, indicating insulation is present. For example, a 4-inch pipe with insulation might look like an 8-inch pipe when you select the Insulation aspect.


Includes the area or space around the object required for operation of the object. This space shows in the model but not in drawings. For example, this aspect leaves enough space around a motor for a person to operate the motor.


Includes the area or space around the object required to perform maintenance on the object. This space can appear in the model but not in drawings. This aspect leaves enough space around a motor to perform maintenance on the motor, including space to remove the motor, if necessary.

Reference Geometry

Constructs or adds graphical objects that do not participate in interference checking. For example, a reference geometry object could be the obstruction volume for a door on a field junction box. Another example is a spherical control point.


Contains the centerline graphics for Smart 3D objects that are published with centerline information.  For example, structure graphics in Smart 3D contain centerline information that can be published and included in this aspect.

When creating the project databases, the Keep lines and line strings option on the Create Project dialog box must be enabled.  For more information, see Options Tab (Create Project Dialog Box).

Custom Aspects

If the .vue file contains custom aspects, they are turned on and displayed by default. To add your custom aspect names and numbers to the View Settings > Aspects tab, you must add your custom aspect names and numbers to the Smart Review SPRSchema.txt project database schema file before creating a new project database. For more information, see Add Custom Aspects.