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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

Comments > Display > Activate

Changes the Main view and view settings to those associated with the currently-active comment. If you have the Text window open, the text for the comment displays in that window. For more information, see Activate Comment Display. The current comment bubble displays in yellow.

  • The view settings associated with comments are the levels, the eye and center point locations, and the clipping planes.

  • This command does not change the current display setting of the comment, which can be Active Only, All, or None.

  • If you have Smart Review and Smart 3D open at the same time, Smart Review rotates the position in Smart 3D to the same coordinates as the Main view in Smart Review when activating comments, regardless of the model that is open in each application. Therefore, we recommend that you have the same model open in both Smart Review and Smart 3D when using the Comments Reviewer.

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