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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

View > Zoom > Out

Zooms out of the model by a zoom factor that you specify. Smart Review multiplies the zoom factor that you specify by the distance between the current eye and center points to determine the distance for each zoom.

  1. Click in the view to zoom out of (if that view is not already active).

  2. Click View > Zoom > Out.

  3. To change the zoom factor, select View > Zoom > Amount and type in the required factor between 1.0 (least) and 50 (greatest).

  • Zooming out increases the viewing area, which causes everything within the window to appear smaller, providing an overview of that portion of the model. This command operates in the same way as all zoom commands in Windows products, except that each time that you zoom out, you increase the viewing area by the current zoom factor. You specify the zoom factor by using the View > Zoom > Amount command.

  • You can use this command in any view. However, if you use the command in the Main view, the eye point and center point positions are affected.

  • You also can produce zoom effects without changing the eye point position simply by changing the perspective angle of the Main view.

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