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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Animation > ScheduleReview > Add Association

Creates an association between a task and one or more display sets. This command is available only when you have selected a ScheduleReview task after you import a file.

  1. In Project Manager, select the ScheduleReview task to add.

  2. Click Animation > ScheduleReview > Add Association.

    Add Association Dialog Box

  3. Select the display sets from the menu list to associate to the task. Use CTRL+ or SHIFT+ to select multiple display sets in the list.

    The software highlights the selected display sets.

  4. Click OK to apply your display set selection.

    The software applies the defined task symbology to the associated display sets. When you play the ScheduleReview project animation, you can see the symbology changes for all tasks. To set up the default symbology for tasks, click Animation > ScheduleReview > Task Symbology. For more information, see Define Project and Default Task Symbology Settings.

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