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2018 R1 (7.1)

Changes the frame number of the selected views.


Determines the type of operation to perform on the frame number for the specified views. The choices are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), or division (/).


Determines the amount to apply to the frame number of specified views using the current operator.

Use range instead of the <number of> selected frames

Indicates whether the selected operation applies to the specified range or to the selected views on the Save and Recall Views dialog box.


Indicates the starting frame number of a range using the specified operation and amount.


Indicates the stopping frame number of a range using the specified operation and amount.

  • If you change the key frame animation points using the Animation Sequencer, the frame number changes also display in the Main views section of the Save and Recall Views dialog box and the Modify Frame Numbers dialog box. Conversely, any frame number changes you make in these dialog boxes are automatically changed in the Animation Sequencer. For more information on using the Sequencer, see Adjust Points in an Animation (Display Set and Key Frame).

  • You can click Apply to save your changes without closing the dialog box. After you have applied your changes, the Cancel button changes to a Close button.

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