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Intergraph Smart Review Help

Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)
  1. Click View > Settings > View.

  2. Click the Aspects tab.

  3. Select the aspects you turn on.

    • An aspect is turned on if it is highlighted in the Selected aspects list.

    • You can select one or multiple aspects in the Selected aspects list.

  4. Click OK.

  • The Aspect tab displays only when you are reviewing a .vue file produced by Smart 3D.

  • Smart Review can display only those aspects that were selected in the Smart 3D workspace session at the time the .vue file was created. If the .vue file does not contain the actual model geometry for the selected aspect, it cannot be displayed.

  • The rendering of any transparent insulation aspect geometry is simplified in shaded model views by removing its end caps and back faces.

  • As you drag a display set to move it, a transparent volume box is drawn from the start point to the current drag point. The three colors on the box coincide with the colors on the view axis and on the Lock command buttons on the Animation toolbar. The transparent box is shown when the Reference Geometry aspect is enabled. Turning off the Reference Geometry aspect turns off the display of the box when you drag a display set.