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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

You can capture a display set at a specific state such as at an assigned material, color, or position using a single point.

  1. Create the display set to use. For more information, see Create New Display Set Definitions.

    Click Animation > Toolbar to open the Animation toolbar. This toolbar enables you to quickly access the commands you need to create a display set animation.

  2. Click Select Filter > Display Sets .

  3. Click on the display set in the Project Manager or Main view to manipulate.

  4. Use commands such as Show, Assign Material, Shade, or Dim in the Display Sets menu or the Project Manager to define the appearance of the display set. Use Display Sets > Edit Position to set the display set positioning.

  5. Click Animation > Display Sets > Capture .

    Smart Review changes the mouse cursor to show that you are in Capture mode.

  6. Click Display Sets > Edit Position .

  7. From the Information tab, either clear the Move/Rotate option, or if it is not selected, check the option.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Use the Animation Sequencer (Animation > Sequencer ) to see your display set animation. The Animation Sequencer shows a point was added for your display set.

  10. Use the Animation Player (Animation > Player ) or Sequencer to play the animation. A single point animation starts at the beginning of the playback.

You cannot add Display Set animations containing just one path point in a relationship group. Currently you cannot set up a dependency with a single point Display Set animation. For more information on scheduling Display Set animations, see Define Display Set Animation Dependencies.

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