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2018 R1 (7.1)

Smart Review groups Measurements together in Measurement Collections. A measurement collection is a named group of measurements that connect together within each collection. One collection is independent of all other collections, allowing you to display or hide measurement collections independently in the model.

For example, one collection could be named "Footings" and contain a connected series of footings measurements. Another collection could be named "I-Beams" and contain a series of I-Beam measurements. The footings measurement collection will not connect to the I-Beam collections of measurements.

You can create your own measurement collections or use the default measurement collection. The default measurement collection format readout is the native format of the current project. For example, SP3D data is always in meters (m). Smart Review also allows you to change the default readout format. Your custom default measurement collection can then be available and used for all projects you create, or on a per project basis.

You can have any number of named measurement collections, up to the limit of records allowed in the project database. All measurement information is stored in the project database.

You can also customize how the measurement symbology (lines, snaplock points, and text) appears in your project by using the Tools > Measure > Edit Collection command. User-defined collections can display measurements in English or Metric units regardless of the project environment.

As you place measurements, all selection points are placed in the current or active collection. Measurements occur for every single point. You can delete specific measurements in a collection by using the Point Range options on the Edit tab on the Measurement Collections dialog box.

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