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2018 R1 (7.1)

If the raytracer needs to spawn additional reflection rays to determine the color of a reflective object, such as a mirror, the Reflective bounce from 1 to 16 option allows you to specify the number of additional rays.

  • We recommend setting this control to 2 because, in most cases, only two reflections are required to correctly determine the pixel color of a reflective surface. Because most objects in nature are not very reflective, a high setting like 16 would be necessary only if you were conducting a study in a house of mirrors.

  • Because the effect of these settings is different for each model and material in the model, you are encouraged to modify these settings and re-run the raytracing command several times to get the required effects.

  • Reflective bounces are expensive in terms of performance.

  • Color intensity decreases with each bounce.