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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

Animation > Display Sets > Set Floor

Displays the Set Floor dialog box so you can enter the Z coordinates of the elevation floor to use for all display set movement. The floor is a global elevation lock value for all display sets in the model. When you define your floor elevation using Set Floor, use the Lock to Floor command to lock all display set movement to that floor elevation. The current floor value displays in the command name.

  • The Lock Elevation differs from the Lock to Floor command because the Lock Elevation command locks a selected display set to its own individual elevation. Lock to Floor applies to all display sets.

  • All locking toggle commands are also available in the Animation toolbar. You can look at the lock command buttons in the Animation toolbar to see the different lock states. A pressed-in button indicates the lock state is active.

  • Before moving a display set, make sure display set motion is enabled. Click Motion > [Display Set Name].