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2018 R1 (7.1)

The Smart Review On-Site Drawing Generation module is a powerful, versatile product that allows you to bring design and drawing capabilities from the office to your project site. This module features fast, intelligent outline display capability - your drawing maintains intelligence even when displayed in hidden-line mode. The module also improves communication, because you control the way the drawing will appear to others. Additionally, by reducing the time required to process and display outline removal from hours to a fraction of a second, the On-Site Drawing Generation module saves time and money.

This module includes a wizard that places the outline view on a drawing border inside the SmartSketch® product. You can use the wizard to easily and quickly produce drawings for the engineering design office or the construction site. In SmartSketch, you can update the drawing in several ways:

  • Add notes to drawing borders

  • Insert overlay comments

  • Quickly print a drawing at a scale that you define

  • Add symbols

You can combine the On-Site Drawing Generation module with the Simulation and Visual Effects module to create outline animations to improve the quality of your presentations.

Key features:


Assigns identifying phrases to objects in the outline view with comments, text annotation, and measurements.


Creates an image file of the Main view, application window, or entire screen. Snapshot can be used to create a high quality anti-aliased image of any resolution. Snapshot includes support for standard output types like .bmp and .jpg.

Benefits of the On-Site Drawing Generation module:

  • Saves time by eliminating the wait for the outline display to finish

  • Improves communication by presenting your designs in a clear and understandable way as you control the display of the objects in the view and their display method on the drawing

  • Easy to use because casual users can navigate the three-dimensional model and quickly produce an outline drawing that is ready for printing.

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