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2018 R1 (7.1)

Display Sets > Show Only
Project Manager > Display Sets > Show Only

Shows all selected display sets and hides all other display sets. This command can be applied to a single display set, multiple selected display sets, or to a parent folder containing a group of display sets.

  1. Expand the Display Sets node in Project Manager.

    Display or Hide Project Manager

  2. Highlight the display set or folder containing the display sets whose display you want to remain active.

  3. Click Display Sets > Show Only.

  • You can identify the on/off status of a display set from its appearance within Project Manager. When a display set is on, or visible, a check mark appears next to the display set item . When a display set is off, or hidden, the check mark does not appear.

  • Use the Show/Hide for Main View, Show/Hide for Plan View, and Show/Hide for Elevation View commands to select the views where the selected display sets are shown or hidden.

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