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Intergraph Smart Review
2018 R1 (7.1)

Tools > Measure > Snaplock

Measures from a repeatable point on a selected piece of geometry.

Smart Review generates snaplock points at fixed locations on a given piece of geometry for use during snaplock measurement. A snaplock point is displayed as either a small square or round tag point on a surface, as shown in the picture below. The location of a given snaplock point is always in the same place for a specific type of geometry, making snaplock measurement more precise because it is repeatable.

  1. Click Tools > Measure > Snaplock.

    You also can access this command by pressing F8 or by clicking Snaplock Measure on the Tools MiniBar.

  2. Select an object.

  3. Accept the object by left-clicking anywhere in the view.

  4. Select the snaplock point on the object from which to measure.

    Placing 3D Points

  5. Double right-click to exit the command before selecting the snaplock point.

  • When a snaplock point is a control point, which is represented by a sphere, the measurement is automatically taken from the center of the control point.

  • When measuring a distance, you must access the Snaplock command twice because it takes two selection points to define the distance to be measured.

  • Because measurements occur for every single selection point, use the Tools > Measure > Edit Collection command to delete any unnecessary measurements. For more information, see Edit Measurement Collections.

  • You can use any of the standard motion commands or view manipulation commands to move to a different part of the model between defining snaplock points.

  • Snaplock measurements allow you to define formats for the line, snaplock points, and text.

  • The linear distance and cumulative distance display in the Text window. In addition, the Text window displays the location of each initial snaplock point as you place them.

  • If you have rubber banding turned on, you can cycle through the snaplock points to select the starting point for the rubber band. Right-click to cycle through the available points.