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2018 R1 (7.1)

Edit > Select Runs

Queries SmartPlant Foundation for all the members of the Smart 3D run that the selected element belongs to. If any run members are returned, then all members currently in memory are grouped into a Smart Review component, resulting in the entire run in memory to highlight and be selectable as a single component. If the element was previously grouped as a feature, then that feature is ungrouped first.

The SmartPlant Foundation Locate Filter mode determines which properties are returned and what elements are grouped together when selected in Smart Review. This Locate Filter mode in SmartPlant Foundation is set to All by default at the start of each Smart Review session launched from within SmartPlant Foundation.

Because the SmartPlant Foundation Locate Filter default mode is separate from the Mouse Drag modes and Select options persisted between Smart Review sessions, the Select Runs setting is not persisted between Smart Review sessions. These Mouse Drag and Select Smart Review commands change the Locate Filter value inside SmartPlant Foundation during the launched Smart Review session, but do not change the default Locate Filter mode.

This command is available only when you are viewing Smart 3D published .svf data from SmartPlant Foundation. For more information, see Using Smart Review in Streaming Mode.

  1. Click Edit > Select Runs.

  2. Click an object in the model.

    Click Properties in the common toolbar to see label data.

  3. To clear your selection:

  • Click the selected object again.

  • Press ESC.

  • Click anywhere outside the selected object in the Main view.

  • Use CTRL+Click to clear individual objects in a multi-selection.

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