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Intergraph Smart Review
7.1 (2018 R1)

Specifies which modules you want to pull licenses for when starting a Smart Review session.

Modules - Displays the modules available with Smart Review. A grayed-out entry means that module is not installed on your workstation. Check the box beside the module for Smart Review to pull a license for during startup. Licenses are not pulled for modules that are not checked. By default, all installed modules are checked.

  • If you are running Smart Review in remote license mode (that is, you used the SmartPlant License Checkout utility to obtain licenses) and open the Select Modules utility, all modules appear inactive, with checks beside the modules with currently checked out licenses. These selections cannot be changed until the checkout duration expires, nor can licenses be obtained interactively while licenses are checked out. Checked out licenses cannot be checked in.

  • If Smart Review cannot obtain enough licenses at start up, a "not enough licenses available" message is displayed and Smart Review shuts down. Before Smart Review runs, you must free enough currently in-use licenses to cover the modules you want to run or you must use the Select Modules utility to unselect the modules for which you cannot currently obtain a license.

  • After Smart Review obtains the necessary licenses and is ready for use, the Help > About Smart Review dialog box displays the modules for which licenses were obtained.